March 22, 2018

Live events on GoBrunch always provide a different taste: the possibility to see the audience and interact with them real time through chat, audio and video. People are promoting online events to a large set of purposes, including education, friends/alumni reunions, business conferences, hobbyist meetings, summits, among others. No matter the subject, the goal is to connect people from different locations and allow them to spread their messages. Want to create your meeting and talk to anyone across the world? Sign up now… GoBrunch… 100% free… as always!

March 15, 2018

If your team is scattered around the globe and you need to make an announcement, a product launch or even a happy hour, take this as an opportunity to make an online event. At GoBrunch, you can simulate a real meeting, broadcast yourself, share your screen and engage with your audience. If you need something fast, try our QuickMeetings with unlimited time and multiple simultaneous cameras. If you want to be in charge, create your own Event and control everything from your device. Choosing the virtual place where the event will be held is another exclusive feature you can use, from London to Singapore, you have a wide variety of hotels, universities and convention centers to host your meetings. Try it out now: - it's 100% free!

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