April 20, 2018

GoBrunch was born not only to be a platform for video conferences and webinars. It also has community features. You can, for example, look who’s online at any time and invite them to attend your event. Clicking on the user shows the profile, which might be useful to check if it’s an interesting guest for your next business meeting. You can also add friends, which brings you the possibility to quickly see if they are only and invite them to your reunions even if they are offline. Login now and enjoy the community’s features provided by GoBrunch. Remember, GoBrunch is 100% free and offers unlimited time for video-conferences, multiple cameras and a very pleasant webinar environment. Hop online!

April 3, 2018

GoBrunch started at the end of November, and since then, we’ve been following our dream to reinvent the way people do online meetings and webinars. Back in time, the launching event was great, people got astonished specially with the visuals and the promise to keep it 100% free, without time limit, multiple cameras and endless features. This belief has been guiding us to search different solutions every day. What really motivates us is the people who return every week and chose to host their meetings and events in our platform. So after just a couple of months, we are happy to reach 606 real online meetings so far (not counting webinars). That drives us to provide each time a better service and add new functionalities. As amazing as it sounds, some users do regular meetings with 20-30 simultaneous people with screen share. Feel free to create your own meeting at gobrunch.com

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