August 13, 2018

“I have no words to express the importance of GoBrunch for me and for the whole community, under the conditions it's offered. Thank you so much!”. We received this message two weeks ago, and it definitely made us proud and delighted. Those kinds of messages are coming each time more often, which motivates us to keep working on our goals. This Friday we reached 10,000 users. It’s a great mark, but more important, is the feeling of helping all those people, providing a much more enjoyable and stable environment for both video conferences and webinars. Plus, offering all features for free which is a big challenge! GoBrunch is the first free platform for creating live webinars. We have plenty of new ideas and improvements in mind and you can’t even imagine how far we are aiming to go. Let’s celebrate together, because You, our user, is the reason why we move forward. Cheers everyone! Visit us at gobrunch

August 2, 2018

You no longer need to open your PowerPoint, load your ppt, put in presentation mode and share your screen. Using our new BrunchSlides feature, you can upload your presentation and change the slides directly on the browser, using a super simple interface. This addition allows you to store your presentation files, so you can quickly open and show in your meetings or events. Everything on GoBrunch is free to everyone!

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