October 6, 2018

We've written some useful tips to get the most out of your events and webinars:

1. Ensure to test your camera, sound, screen share, PowerPoint presentation, chat commands with your presenters and everything else with at least a day in before the presentation. Preferably, use the same meeting rooms or events you’re planning to use on the D-day. This includes the computer, camera, microphone and internet connection. Rehearse your presentation if possible.
2. Don’t forget to test your internet speed (download and upload). Go to http://www.speedtest.net to check for your internet speed. Sometimes using cable is more reliable than wi-fi. The recommened download speed is 10mbps and while uploading should be 2mbps.

3. Get in the session room 1 hour before your webinar and start broadcasting as early as you can. Take this time to test everything and rehearse.

4. As soon people enter the room, interact with them. Say “Hi, welcome”. Ask where they are from, what they do, if the...

October 2, 2018

We just released our first official Help channel! In additional to a comprehensive step-by-step guide, it contains valuable information on how to setup your first webinar, how to manage attendee’s mic and cameras and also tips to engage more with your audience. A complete troubleshooting section has been written and published too with lots of recommendations for both desktop and mobile users. You can check the Help documentation here!

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