January 29, 2018

Engaging webinars featuring different professional segments took place last week at GoBrunch.

 “Using BigData and Omni Channels to Improve Your Sales”, and “Employment Opportunities in 2018” were some of the main online events which brought insightful scenarios to the audience.

Choosing the room layout and controlling all multimedia resources through text commands are some of the unique capabilities offered by the platform.

Create your online event for free now and spread your knowledge to the world using the best virtual learning tool you have ever experienced.

December 1, 2017

First webinar showing some tips on how to use GoBrunch hosted professionals from different industries. People got impressed on how easy is to create a webinar and how different is the environment, since you can see everyone online and interact with them.

Unlike many players in the market, 100% of the features in GoBrunch are free. Besides webinars, you can create Quick Meetings with 3 clicks.

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