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  • What are the main benefits of using GoBrunch?
    - No Installation and No Sign up - Multiple use cases: meetings, trainings, webinars, events and co-working spaces. - One single link forever for your meetings - An immersive interface that mimics real workspaces. - No time limit
  • What can I do with GoBrunch?
    There are dozens of possibilities. These are just a few examples: Virtual Workspaces Communities Virtual Events Meetings Trainings Networking happy hours Product Launching Weddings Showcases Metaverses
  • Does GoBruch requires any installation?
    Not at all! You can use GoBrunch in your browser.
  • How many attendees, users or students does GoBrunch support in a Room?"
    Our biggest virtual auditorium can accommodate 600 people at the same time.
  • Can I turn on the mic and cam of other presenters and attendees?
    Absolutely. You’ll find all controls in your chatbox. You can also control mic and cam by clicking on the avatar of the attendees.
  • Can I record webinars and meetings in GoBrunch?
  • Can I have multiple organizers?
    Yes! You can have up to 8 (eight) organizers.
  • Can I see all my attendees' cameras at the same time?
    By enabling our exclusive Circle-Cams, you will be able to see your attendees at the same time.
  • What does the name GoBrunch mean?
    The name GoBrunch was inspired in a methodology called World Cafe, very usual in events and conferences. By joining a World Cafe, you seat in a round table with other attendees - and there are many tables to choose from – and start working in a specific assignment provided by the facilitator. Instead of using the World Cafe, we thought that Brunch would be more friendly, not to mention that we all love food!
  • How can I get support?
    Yes, just e-mail us at or . We will reply as fast as we can! We also have a chat feature to provide support on the website.
  • Where can I watch tutorials?
  • Is GoBrunch compatible with mobile phones?
    Yes, GoBrunch is copatible with mobile devices.
  • Can I host meetings and webinars using mobile phone?
    Yes, you can host your meetings and webinars using mobile phones. Note that screen share is only available on desktop mode.
  • Does GoBrunch work with iPhone?
    Yes, you can use Safari latest versions to get advantage of the real time conferencing capabilities.
  • Which browsers work best with GoBrunch?
    Google Chrome and Firefox are the best for desktops and laptops. Safari works well but there are a few limitations. Your attendees will have a better experience using Google Chrome in their desktops - Windows or Mac, but they can access using Safari on their iPhones or Google Chrome if they are using Android.
  • What are the network/ineternet requirements?
    We usually recommend at least 2mb of upload.
  • Who already uses GoBrunch?
    A lot of companies, schools, trainers, entrepreneurs and content creators around the world. Among them, Nestlé, Oatker, Live University, DHL, Dell, Qlik. You can find our Brunchers' reviews here -
  • Can GoBrunch live stream to social media platforms such as YouTube and Facebook?
    We currently don't offer live streaming, but it's in our roadmap -
  • Can GoBrunch pre-recorded auto-play videos on-demand?
    Yes. You can either use the OnDemand feature or embed videos using the built-in Editor. The videos will start playing automatically once your attendees join the room.
  • Do you provide video backgrounds?
    We don't, but you can use any third-party tools.
  • Can I customize the landing page?
    We currently offer a standard landing page with no customization but we highly recommend using a third-party integration tool.
  • Can I customize reminders messages?
    We currently don't have this option. GoBrunch no longer sends custom reminders.
  • What is the frames per second (FPS) for the cameras?
    There are three factors to consider: resolution, FPS, and bitrate. We try to keep the FPS at around 30fps, but the bitrate is actually considered the most important factor because it determines how much data is being transmitted per second, which affects the overall quality of the video. We aim to maintain a balance between all three factors, and we adjust the bitrate according to the strength of the connection. This means that if you have a strong connection, you'll get more bitrate and better video quality.
  • What are the resolutions of the media?
    Screen share is HD. Each room has a different setup depending on the circle size. The presenter cams are 620x349. Note that the networking of senders and receivers might influence in the final quality.
  • What is the resolution of the recording?
    Resolution of recording will depend on your monitor resolution, but for real time videoconferencing, anything over HD does not make much difference.
  • Can we make polls on GoBrunch?
    You can use our Signs to start an interactive voting, but we don't show statistics. For more comprehensive surveys, you can share your screen and use a third-party applicating such as Tutorial:
  • Do you have a whiteboard?
    Yes. You can use our Boards and Apps feature. You can use Miro, google suite such as docs, slides and sheets or add a custom page link to open inside an iframe.
  • Does GoBrunch offer Breakout sessions?
    Yes, you can create breakout sessions in a unique way even before your training. In GoBrunch, each breakout session is represented by a virtual room and you or your attendees can navigate between them just like the real world. Pretty much you can recreate your campus on the cloud.
  • Can we do speed-dating on GoBrunch
    While you can use our multi-rooms environment for this end, we currently don't have a timer.
  • Can we have networking sessions between the participants?
    Yes, you can set different networking rooms with different themes for each. There's currently no option for starting one-to-one conversation.
  • Can I have multiple sessions at the same time?
    Yes, you can create simultaenous sessions and assign different co-organizers for each one of them. In addition, you can have different room-layouts and a Lounge to accomodate your attendees while they are moving from one place to another.
  • Can we have sponsors and booths?
    Yes, you can create beautiful rooms for your sponsors and assign them as co-organizers. You can customize the background for each one of your rooms and they can control mics and cameras of the delegates.
  • What kind of analytics do you provide?
    We don't provide on-screen analytics, but you can download registration and frequency reports of your attendees.
  • Which languages does GoBrunch currently support?
    English, Spanish and Portuguese.
  • What is the difference between GoBrunch and other platforms?
    The biggest benefits is the ability for you to feel inside a comfy space that reassembles a real place with your branding. Our Brunchers say that is way more pleasant to spend their time in GoBrunch instead of a messaging tool or a traditional videoconferencing platform.
  • Does GoBrunch work with white label?
    Right now, 90% of the branding is customizable and we do provide CNAME as well at enterprise level. We're in the way to make it more neutral as possible for you to use it as part of your business. These are the main customizations available on GoBrunch 1. Change Logos Inside Rooms: Customize virtual rooms by replacing default logos with your own. 2. Customize Backgrounds and Ambience: Tailor the visual elements like backgrounds, colors, images, and overall ambience, including the addition of banners and custom designs. 3. Custom Exit Button: Redirect participants to a chosen landing page when they exit the room. 4. Custom Sub-Domains with Unique Logos: Create custom sub-domains for different events or spaces, each with its own distinct logo for brand consistency. 5. Custom Logo on Joining Page: Display a custom logo on the joining page reflecting your Sub-domain logo. 6. Remove GoBrunch Logo During Loading: Opt to remove the GoBrunch logo while the room is loading. 7. Direct Sub-Domain Root to Your Space: Use a custom sub-domain (e.g., to lead participants directly to your GoBrunch space, bypassing the GoBrunch homepage.
  • Can I Customize the Registration Fields?
    We currently don't offer custom fields on our landing page. We collect e-mail, name, title and company. However, we recommend you to use third-party integration tools together with GoBrunch.
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