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GoBrunch's Main Features Part 1

Here we go listing some awesome features that you can find on GoBrunch:


EASY VIRTUAL MEETINGS: Start a Virtual Meeting with 3 clicks

EASY EVENTS AND WEBINARS: Create your own event with multiple sessions in less than 5 minutes using a single form

CUSTOMIZE: Choose the place of your dream to host your event and the ideal room layout for your sessions

KNOWLEDGE SHOWCASE™: Feature your webinars in our exclusive Knowledge Showcase™

INTERACT: Navigate through our exclusive BrunchSpots™, observe other users and interact with them as you were in a real event.

LIVE: Broadcast live using only your browser, share your screen at any time and invite other presenters or guests to participate.

(video screenshot)

BREAKOUT SESSIONS: Provide the best breakout sessions experience to your guests, using GoBrunch’s multiple rooms feature.

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