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Uncovering the Top HR Software Solutions for Increasing Business Efficiency in 2023


Online Event

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GoBrunch is a super cool video chat app. You can create interactive virtual rooms and customize it the way you want. It’s very suitable for meetings and collaborative workspaces. However, GoBrunch is way more than a meeting tool. It allows people to create virtual tour experiences, connecting their meeting rooms. You can create from a virtual office space to an online community, the ideas are endless. At the end of the day, it becomes a very simple and easy metaverse with no need of VR or high-tech equipment.

Key Features:

  • Creative options, sharing screen, sharing files,

  • Options to customize everything

  • Camera and microphone, record, ondemand videos, share videos, embed music, videos or games

  • Not limit time

  • Permanent room,

  • Customize URL

  • Gif reactions

  • Add friends

  • Connect your rooms and share the room links

Best Suited For:

Meetings, workspaces, online communities, content creators, classrooms, webinars, virtual spaces, showcase your work and much more.

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