October 6, 2018

We've written some useful tips to get the most out of your events and webinars:

1. Ensure to test your camera, sound, screen share, PowerPoint presentation, chat commands with your presenters and everything else with at least a day in before the presentation. Preferably, use the same meeting rooms or events you’re planning to use on the D-day. This includes the computer, camera, microphone and internet connection. Rehearse your presentation if possible.
2. Don’t forget to test your internet speed (download and upload). Go to http://www.speedtest.net to check for your internet speed. Sometimes using cable is more reliable than wi-fi. The recommened download speed is 10mbps and while uploading should be 2mbps.

3. Get in the session room 1 hour before your webinar and start broadcasting as early as you can. Take this time to test everything and rehearse.

4. As soon people enter the room, interact with them. Say “Hi, welcome”. Ask where they are from, what they do, if the...

October 2, 2018

We just released our first official Help channel! In additional to a comprehensive step-by-step guide, it contains valuable information on how to setup your first webinar, how to manage attendee’s mic and cameras and also tips to engage more with your audience. A complete troubleshooting section has been written and published too with lots of recommendations for both desktop and mobile users. You can check the Help documentation here!

August 13, 2018

“I have no words to express the importance of GoBrunch for me and for the whole community, under the conditions it's offered. Thank you so much!”. We received this message two weeks ago, and it definitely made us proud and delighted. Those kinds of messages are coming each time more often, which motivates us to keep working on our goals. This Friday we reached 10,000 users. It’s a great mark, but more important, is the feeling of helping all those people, providing a much more enjoyable and stable environment for both video conferences and webinars. Plus, offering all features for free which is a big challenge! GoBrunch is the first free platform for creating live webinars. We have plenty of new ideas and improvements in mind and you can’t even imagine how far we are aiming to go. Let’s celebrate together, because You, our user, is the reason why we move forward. Cheers everyone! Visit us at gobrunch

August 2, 2018

You no longer need to open your PowerPoint, load your ppt, put in presentation mode and share your screen. Using our new BrunchSlides feature, you can upload your presentation and change the slides directly on the browser, using a super simple interface. This addition allows you to store your presentation files, so you can quickly open and show in your meetings or events. Everything on GoBrunch is free to everyone!

July 5, 2018

Now you can customize the name of your video-conferencing room. All you have to do is to Login on GoBrunch, Create a Quick Meeting, click on Customize, type a name (like Bob) and it’s yours! Every time you wish to start a new meeting, just enter gobrunch.com/yourname. Share your new customized URL with your friends and keep your meetings on track!

July 2, 2018

How about hosting a webinar in a place like this?

This is a real online event about Pricing held in GoBrunch with more than 100 attendees weeks ago. “The biggest difference between GoBrunch and the other tools is the engagement level. GoBrunch provides an environment that encourage people to participate” say Alex Leite, speaker and director from Live University. Every user can choose a BrunchSpot to seat and move / rescale the video windows to better visualize the highlights. You can also create your webinar on GoBrunch. All features are free!

April 20, 2018

GoBrunch was born not only to be a platform for video conferences and webinars. It also has community features. You can, for example, look who’s online at any time and invite them to attend your event. Clicking on the user shows the profile, which might be useful to check if it’s an interesting guest for your next business meeting. You can also add friends, which brings you the possibility to quickly see if they are only and invite them to your reunions even if they are offline. Login now and enjoy the community’s features provided by GoBrunch. Remember, GoBrunch is 100% free and offers unlimited time for video-conferences, multiple cameras and a very pleasant webinar environment. Hop online!

April 3, 2018

GoBrunch started at the end of November, and since then, we’ve been following our dream to reinvent the way people do online meetings and webinars. Back in time, the launching event was great, people got astonished specially with the visuals and the promise to keep it 100% free, without time limit, multiple cameras and endless features. This belief has been guiding us to search different solutions every day. What really motivates us is the people who return every week and chose to host their meetings and events in our platform. So after just a couple of months, we are happy to reach 606 real online meetings so far (not counting webinars). That drives us to provide each time a better service and add new functionalities. As amazing as it sounds, some users do regular meetings with 20-30 simultaneous people with screen share. Feel free to create your own meeting at gobrunch.com

March 22, 2018

Live events on GoBrunch always provide a different taste: the possibility to see the audience and interact with them real time through chat, audio and video. People are promoting online events to a large set of purposes, including education, friends/alumni reunions, business conferences, hobbyist meetings, summits, among others. No matter the subject, the goal is to connect people from different locations and allow them to spread their messages. Want to create your meeting and talk to anyone across the world? Sign up now… GoBrunch… 100% free… as always!

March 15, 2018

If your team is scattered around the globe and you need to make an announcement, a product launch or even a happy hour, take this as an opportunity to make an online event. At GoBrunch, you can simulate a real meeting, broadcast yourself, share your screen and engage with your audience. If you need something fast, try our QuickMeetings with unlimited time and multiple simultaneous cameras. If you want to be in charge, create your own Event and control everything from your device. Choosing the virtual place where the event will be held is another exclusive feature you can use, from London to Singapore, you have a wide variety of hotels, universities and convention centers to host your meetings. Try it out now: https://gobrunch.com - it's 100% free!

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