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6 Useful Tips for Webinars

We've written some useful tips to get the most out of your events and webinars:

1. Ensure to test your camera, sound, screen share, PowerPoint presentation, chat commands with your presenters and everything else with at least a day in before the presentation. Preferably, use the same meeting rooms or events you’re planning to use on the D-day. This includes the computer, camera, microphone and internet connection. Rehearse your presentation if possible. 2. Don’t forget to test your internet speed (download and upload). Go to to check for your internet speed. Sometimes using cable is more reliable than wi-fi. The recommened download speed is 10mbps and while uploading should be 2mbps.

3. Get in the session room 1 hour before your webinar and start broadcasting as early as you can. Take this time to test everything and rehearse.

4. As soon people enter the room, interact with them. Say “Hi, welcome”. Ask where they are from, what they do, if they can hear you, etc. They will answer by chat and that will create a friendly environment before your webinar starts.

5. Before, during and after your webinar, interact with people as much as you can. This is not a YouTube video; people can interact real time! Try not to lecture more than 5 minutes without asking a question. Your webinar will be more engaging this way. Do not ask questions like “Do you guys understand?” because most of the time, people are not comfortable to say “no”. Instead, create questions in advance and ask at pre-determined points.

6. After asking a question, don’t expect people to answer right away, unless they are using microphones. By using chat, there’s a certain amount of time to think before typing, so don’t panic and wait patiently for the answer. Also, try to make your questions as simple as possible. That will provide a better pace for your presentation.

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